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There are many kinds of loans to choose from and it can be very hard to know which one will suit you best.

Don’t worry though, we have a dedicated team of experts on hand all day every day so if you do apply toward the wrong kind of finance or we think something will suit your needs better then we will let you know right away.

We are completely dedicated to making sure that you get the right plan to fulfil you needs.

As mentioned the list of loans is quite a long long, but we have tried to group them up to make the decision process a lot smoother and easier on you. Here are some of the categories:

  • Personal Loans

Theses are like payday loans and are nearly always unsecured.

  • Term Loans

Stretching over a specific period of time, these are often mixed with other kinds.

  • Debt Consolidation

Designed for those that owe several different companies different amounts. You will be able to better control your finances.

  • Logbook Loan

Usually for getting a vehicle but sometimes just using an existing vehicle as collateral.

  • Guarantor Loans

For those that have a friend or family member able to back them up if they have trouble paying the instalments.

  • Bad Credit or No Credit Check Loans

Made for those with bad credit history, even those that have been blacklisted can apply for this variety.

  • Direct Lenders

This means that you are getting the money direct from the one lending it, cutting out the usual middlemen.

  • Fast, Quick or Same Day Loans

Meant to be the quickest form of finance for those that are in a rush to get the money they are applying for.



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Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% (variable)

Loanload is a credit broker and not a lender. We pass your information to a lender once you have been accepted for a plan. We take a fee from the lender only, once you’re approved and we do not add charges to your plan in doing so.

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Same Day Loan No Credit Check No Guarantor – Pros and Cons

When you are in dire need of cash then you can easily apply for a loan that will suit your needs. If you wish to remodel your house then a housing loan will surely help you out. Good thing there are now loans that could help you on your cash problems such as the same day loan no credit check no guarantor. But if you haven’t tried this kind of loan before then better find out more about it so as to avoid any problems in the future.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Same Day Loan No Credit Check No Guarantor

There are various kinds of loans today that could help you on your cash needs. One of the most favoured loans today is the same day loan no credit check no guarantor. With this loan, even those people who are already blacklisted can apply for the loan and get the cash they need the same day of their application. This is why more and more people trust this loan even those who have no credit line and have a bad credit line. The only catch on this loan is the high-interest rate. This is actually legal since you have a bad credit line then lending companies have the right to give their loan with a high-interest rate as compared to others who have a good credit line. So to avoid additional charges make sure to pay the lender on time.

Bad Credit Loans No Guarantor No Credit Check

With the help of same day loan, no credit check no guarantor you will be able to apply for it online. This simply means that you no longer need to go to the bank especially if you are busy with your job. You simply go online and from there you will find the lender’s site. They are actually providing the form as well as the list of requirements who wish to apply for the same day loan no credit check no guarantor.
Once you are done with the form, don’t forget to attach your personal details, postal address and the copy of your latest bank account. With this, the lender will have an assurance that you are capable of paying the loan back on time. This will also help them check if you are employed. With same day loan, no credit checks no guarantor the borrower must have a job in order to get the approval.

While you are online, see to it that you fully understand how this loan actually works. Bear in mind that there are tonnes of lending companies offering this kind of loan. So to get the best deal make sure that you do some research regarding the same day loan no credit check no guarantor. With this, you will not only find the best service and deal on this loan but also the best same day loan no credit check no guarantor lender who will help make the process a lot easier for you.

Getting a same day loan from a direct lender is easier than you would imagine direct lenders prefer for everything to be done online when applying for small amounts of cash this is good because you don’t need a guarantor as the amounts are often small and even with bad credit the lender will take the risk.
Loans come in all shapes and the sizes when you look at google it tells you people that want no credit loans also search for the below terms. All these searches rely on the above concepts.

  • Bad credit loans no guarantor no credit check direct lender
  • Very bad credit loans no guarantor no broker
  • Loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees unemployed
  • Unsecured personal loans bad credit no guarantor
  • Loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees direct lender
  • 12 month loan bad credit no guarantor direct lender
  • Bad credit loans instant decision no brokers
  • Loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees instant decision

Loans do range in value the average loan people apply for are around the 500 pound mark but as time goes on people with bad credit want more and more money so now lenders do cater for higher amounts there going up to 2000,3000 and sometimes 5000 pound loans so if you need the slightly higher amounts please click on the below links

  • 5000 loan no credit check
  • 3000 loan no credit check
  • 2000 loan no credit check no guarantor

While borrowing through traditional banking has always been the norm in securing loans for whatever purposes and reasons, the continuing innovations in technology as well as the unceasing evolution in the lending industry in the recent years has paved the way for more convenient, and far more affordable banking services and options. With the innovative new financial services that have recently emerged in the lending market, borrowers now finally have more practical and more realistic options whenever faced with difficult financial situations. Among the most preferred and more practicable of these options are same day loans for bad credit, which are now readily available for borrowers in the market.

Same Day Loans – The Online Process

While a lot of borrowers may still be unaware of all the many different options that are now currently available in terms of loan solutions, innovative new loan services such as same day loans or same day personal loans have finally been made readily accessible to borrowers in the market — regardless of their bad credit reputations or ongoing financial situations. Through these types of convenient loan solutions, borrowers may now easily submit their loan applications without even needing to leave the comfort of their own homes. Because same day loans — as well as other same day loans no credit checks no guarantor loan solutions — generally do not require borrowers to submit ridiculously hard to find requirements, borrowers hoping to secure loans through these types of loan options need not worry about having to hurdle all the usually impossibly difficult steps in securing much-needed loans especially during times of urgent financial conditions.

With same day loans such as same day cash loans, borrowers can now easily accomplish their loan applications by filling up their application forms online. Through the latest innovations of technology in the lending industry, borrowers can now easily submit the requirements needed for their loan applications without having to physically visit the office of the company where they hope to secure their loan option. And because everything can now be done entirely over the internet, borrowers may now expect their loan applications to undergo processing as soon as they have been submitted. Since loan applications can now be made entirely online, borrowers may now conveniently submit their loan applications from anywhere they are and at any given time. By securing loan solutions such as same day loans for  bad credit with no guarantor, borrowers may now expect for their loan applications’ approvals in as little as just 10 minutes after their applications have been processed. Because of this, borrowers can now reasonably expect for the release of funds of their approved applications for same days loans in as little as just around 30 minutes after these applications have been processed.

With these highly convenient features of same days loans as well as same days loans with no guarantor, borrowers need not have to wait in long lines for long hours just to submit their loan applications, nor do they have to wait for days for approvals of the same applications. For most same day loans such as same day payout loans, borrowers need only accomplish their loan applications online, which they can now easily do at their most convenient time — by simply creating an account with their preferred lending firms over the internet, following the easy steps indicated, and ensuring that ever requirement has been completed before the applications are finally submitted.

Find the Right Same Day Loan for You

While there are now a plethora of different types of loans that borrowers may now easily avail of regardless of their ongoing financial conditions, many borrowers fail to realise that not all of these loan options actually make good solutions to their unique financial problems. As traditional lending firms and institutions struggled to meet the continuously increasing demands for loans and other loan services, however, as well as the ever-growing number of borrowers with unpaid debts, a credit scoring system was later on introduced by the conventional lending firms. Through this credit scoring system, borrowers were easily screened and classified by the lending institutions according to their actual incomes. For borrowers with bad credit, finding loan solutions do not always yield good options. Borrowers receive bad credit scores in many different ways. In some loan applications, where the income levels of borrowers hoping to secure loan services do not meet what the lending institutions have decided as the minimum allowable income requirement, poor credit scores are automatically assigned to borrowers who fall under such classifications. Normally, borrowers who either do not have a stable source of income or have income levels that are deemed insufficient by the lending firms are automatically given poor credit scores, while those who may have failed to make their regular payments — whether frequently or repeatedly — automatically find their records reflect their bad payment history.

With this credit scoring system, borrowers who were given poor credit scores and bad payment histories are automatically precluded from securing loan services from any of the legitimate lending institutions. And because conventional lending institutions tend to reject applications from borrowers with bad credit, many of these borrowers are often left no other option other than securing loans from illegally operating lending firms. But while through these underground loan solutions, borrowers are able to secure much-needed loans without even having to undergo the normally difficult procedures that require the submission of impossibly hard to procure requirements, the incredibly high interest rates that are inherent to these types of loan services often leave many borrowers in even worse financial circumstances. With the exceedingly high interest rates that borrowers have to endure in securing loans from underground lending institutions, many of them are left in a cycle of even more difficult financial situations. And although securing underground loans through lenders operating illegally often make the most convenient option for borrowers who may have urgent financial requirements, the long-term financial consequences that borrowers have to face by availing of these kinds of loan services often defeats the purpose of securing relief from short term financial crises.

With the emergence of innovative new loan services like same day loans from direct lenders, however, borrowers now have better, more secure, and a lot more affordable options to rely on in times of difficult financial conditions. Through innovative new loan services such as same day loans for unemployed, borrowers may now easily avail of reliable and affordable loan services without having to undergo the conventional lending institutions’ unjustifiably difficult processes. By availing of innovative loan solutions like same day payday loans, borrowers now have the convenient option not only of being able to conveniently file their applications without even having to leave the comfort of their own homes, but also of being able to secure approved loans in far less time compared to those secured from traditional financial institutions.

But although many of these innovative new loan options do allow borrowers the convenience of fast approvals, and consequently, fast release of approved loan applications, not all of these loan solutions make the best options for borrowers in tight financial situations. Because quick loans such as same day loans as well as same day logbook loans are generally small loans that are typically arranged in such a way that borrowers can easily repay over short term payment terms, these types of loan services do not make good choices in addressing financial problems that require loans in bigger amounts and longer payment terms, borrowers can best rely on secured loans, which are loans that usually allow loans in bigger amounts and much longer payment terms, such as guarantor loans and other similar loan solutions.

Different Types of Same Day Loans

Depending on the borrowers’ actual financial needs, there are several types of loan choices that are easily accessible to borrowers who are in dire need of urgent financial services. Borrowers hoping to secure small loans in order to address short term financial situations can choose from numerous types of same day loan services that can help provide their financial needs with utmost convenience. On the other hand, borrowers hoping to secure much bigger loans in order to address much more complex financial situations can opt to procure secured loans, which are generally available for borrowers to repay over significantly longer payment terms.

For borrowers with ongoing financial situations that generally require short term loans from lending firms, there are various types of loan solutions that can help resolve their financial problems. Same day loans, which are generally preferred due to convenient features that allow borrowers to submit their applications and receive their approved loans within minutes from their submission, also come in different in different forms:

  • Payday Loans


As the name itself suggests, payday loans are small loans that borrowers can secure to help ease relatively small financial burdens. These types of loan services allow borrowers temporary financial relief that’s small enough for them to repay over a short term without any problem, but also big enough to help them tide over until the next payday comes along. Unlike conventional loans that are generally being offered by traditional lending firms, applications for payday loans do not require difficult to produce requirements, nor do they usually require borrowers to have a standard level of earnings.

  • Unsecured Loans

Normally, small loans that are arranged to be repaid over short payment terms are unsecured loans that do not necessitate any more additional requirements or conditions. As opposed to secured loans, which generally require borrowers to either provide assurance of their sincerity to repay their loans by enlisting the help of guarantors or temporarily giving up valuables to serve as collaterals to their loans, unsecured loans do not require any more of the borrowers other than standard documentary requirements — which normally consists of identification cards, proof of billing, as well as other relevant documents. Like typical small loans that are generally to be repaid over short payment terms, unsecured loans provide borrowers who require urgent financial solutions several financial options that can be availed of even on the same day as the loan applications’ submission.

  • Guarantor Loans

Guarantor loans are secured loans that are generally availed of by borrowers in more complicated financial conditions. Unlike typical small loans such as payday loans and unsecured loans already mentioned, guarantor loans are loans that, in order for borrowers to be able to successfully secure, must be applied for with the help of a guarantor. A guarantor may be an individual or a firm not only of good credit standing but also able and willing to repay the loans that the borrowers are hoping to secure, in the unlikely event that they default on them for any reason. Guarantor loans differ from other types of loans in such a way that these kinds of loan options actually allow borrowers to secure loans in much higher amounts and a lot longer payment terms. Because borrowers with bad credit are generally precluded from procuring loans from any of the legitimate lending institutions, securing loans that are repayable over much longer terms can be rather difficult without loan secured options like guarantor loans.

  • Logbook Loans

Another secured type of loan, logbook loans, like guarantor loans, allow borrowers the convenience of being able to secure bigger loans in much longer payment terms despite their bad credit conditions. But while guarantor loans require the intervention of a third person or another firm in order for the borrowers to secure their desired loan option, logbook loans only require that the borrowers be able to provide collateral in the form of a vehicle such as a car, a van, or a motorcycle, in order to secure a loan. Logbook loans are a type of security bill of sale, where borrowers temporarily transfer ownership of their vehicle to the lender as a security for the loan that they wish to procure. Like guarantor loans, logbook loans provide borrowers the option to secure loans in much bigger amounts and much longer payment terms compared to small loans like same day loans that allow borrowers to secure only a limited amount of loan, generally to be repaid over a short payment term.

Same Day Loans Without a Credit Check

For borrowers in bad credit circumstances, securing loans have always proven to be difficult due to the fact that traditional lending institutions usually either outright reject their applications, and the only financial solutions normally available are underground loans from illegally lending firms. And although the latter type of loan option does provide borrowers with the short term financial relief that they need, the long term repercussions that come with these kinds of loans are often detrimental to the borrowers in the long term. But with the continuing evolution of the lending industry, coupled with the latest developments in online security, procuring loans are now far much easier with the emergence of innovative new loan solutions. Through innovative new loan services, borrowers may now easily avail of loans despite their bad credit conditions. With these new types of loan options, borrowers with no longer have to worry about having their loan applications being outrightly rejected by the lending firms. Unlike the application procedures that are normally being carried out for conventional loan applications in traditional lending institutions, applications for these new string of innovative loan services such as same day loans without a credit check actually involve a lot less complicated procedures where far less requirements are necessitated and credit checks are of no importance. Because of this, borrowers, even despite their poor credit scores and bad payment histories, have far much better choices than settling for underground loans that are being offered by illegally lending firms. With these entire new row of innovative loan services, borrowers may now avail of far more secure and much more affordable financial services, even despite their bad credit circumstances.

Same Day Loans from a Direct Lender in the UK

For many borrowers, especially those with bad credit, the common misbelief is that just because securing loans from the lenders directly do not necessitate paying for loan brokers’ fees, it also follows that this option allows for more savings, and thus provides borrowers with more benefits. What is unknown to many, however, is the fact that because loan brokers actually actively maintain a network of connections to various lenders in different areas and regions, it also follows that they have unrestricted access to all these lenders’ many different discounted lending services. So while borrowers may save a small amount of money when they secure loans from direct lenders because they need not have to pay for the fees of the loan brokers — the fact that loan brokers have access to all these discounted lending services allows borrowers who opt to secure loan services through the assistance of loan brokering firms with far more benefits and much more savings in the long term. And because loan brokers often provide their borrowers with expert financial assistance that include expert financial advise, borrowers who secure loans with the assistance of loan brokering firms are actually guaranteed the best loan options that they can avail of in relation to their ongoing unique financial conditions. Through these features, borrowers are guaranteed the best rates and the most benefits in the long term — with the help of these often misunderstood loan brokering firms.

But while borrowing from the loan brokering firms are ideally the best way to go about securing small loans such as same day loans, procuring loans from the lenders directly does have its own benefits. Because in borrowing from the lenders directly, borrowers feel more secured knowing that they need not have to deal with third parties, a lot of borrowers seem to prefer taking this option over having to secure loans from loan brokering firms. In borrowing from the lenders directly, borrowers often feel at ease knowing that they know exactly who they are borrowing from and what exactly are the terms that they will be agreeing on. While the same is also true in securing loans through the services of loan brokering firms, a lot of borrowers tend to find security in borrowing from the lenders directly — although taking loans from loan broking firms actually provide just as much security as borrowing from these lenders directly.

Same Day Loans on Benefits

In the past, procuring loans was normally limited to borrowers who have actual incomes. Borrowers hoping to secure loans without the usual requirements being asked of by the lending firms often found themselves with very few options, especially whenever faced with urgent financial situations. Borrowers who neither had a job or a stable source of income often found their loan applications automatically rejected by the lending firms, especially with the introduction of a credit scoring system that allowed traditional lending firms and institutions to easily segregate borrowers according to their incomes. But with the continuing evolution of the lending industry, borrowers may now secure loans with the many different options brought about by the lending industry’s innovations. Among these many different innovative new loan services are same day loans on benefits. Through same day loans on benefits, borrowers who are living off benefits may now actually secure loans without being subjected to any other conditions. People who were then automatically disqualified from acquiring any types of loans for lack of sufficient income may now easily avail of same day loans on benefits without even needing to be subjected to credit background checks. By availing of innovative loan services like same day loans on benefits, borrowers may now easily apply for loan applications and receive favourable decisions within just minutes after their applications’ submission.

Same day loans on benefits are ideal in addressing short term financial problems that require short term loan solutions. With these kinds of loan services, borrowers are allowed to secure loans in small amounts which they can easily repay over short payment terms. This way, borrowers who may be ill or disabled and thus living off benefits may be able to altogether avoid the hassles of having to wait for long hours in long lines just to submit applications, only to be told to wait for days for the approval of their applications, only to be told that they are not qualified to secure loans . Through innovative new loan services like same day loans on benefits, borrowers need not have to resort to the underground loans that are normally being offered by illegally lending institutions. Borrowers living off benefits who hope to secure loans also have other loan options to choose from, such as unemployed loans with same day payout, as well as loans for unemployed people on benefits same day. All these types of loan solutions allow borrowers living off benefits to secure loan options only by taking into consideration their respective incomes in relation to their normal expenditures. Through same day loans on benefits, as long as the borrowers are able to justify earning enough to repay their loans on top of their usual expenditures, approvals will never be hard to secure.

Finding a Short Term Loan Online With Same Day Payout

With all the latest developments in online security and technology, as well as the incessant evolution of the lending industry, borrowers in bad credit circumstances may now easily apply for innovative new loan solutions without much risk of outright rejection by many of the lending firms. But with the proliferation of all these different loan services that are being offered by various lenders over the internet, borrowers are strongly advised to take extreme measures in ensuring that the loans that they are hoping to avail of are actually from legitimate lending firms due to the fact that fraudulent lending firms have dominated the internet with their presence. This is actually one of the reasons why securing loans through loan brokering firms could actually be more advantageous that securing loans through direct lenders, as through the services of the former, borrowers are able to more likely correctly ascertain the legitimacy of the online lending firms. This minor disadvantage notwithstanding, it is a fact that with all these innovations in technology, borrowers finally have easier access to the lending industry. With just a few clicks of a button, borrowers may now easily avail of the loans that are being offered by many online lending firms. And while in the past, securing loans normally took days and even weeks to process, with the latest innovations of many of the lending firms, borrowers may now easily submit their loan applications, even right straight out of the comfort of their own homes. Since loan applications can now be accomplished completely online, borrowers no longer have to endure all the inconveniences normally brought about by loan applications that normally consume much of their time. Because loan applications can now be processed as soon as they are submitted, their approvals can now be expected in as little as mere minutes after they have been processed. Due to this, borrowers hoping to secure loans with same day payout will be delighted to know that most short term loan applications over the internet only take as little as just minutes to process, and are usually approved and released on the exact same day that these applications have been submitted.

To ensure smoother and faster transactions in securing online loans, borrowers are urged to ensure that they have all the documentary requirements needed for their loan applications before they even proceed to their submission. Many of the documentary requirements usually necessitated from borrowers hoping to secure any of these innovative new loan options are just usually basic documents that are normally required to prove the borrowers’ identity as well as earning capacity. These basic documentary requirements usually include identification cards, proof of billing address, proof of income, as well as a working phone number and email address. These requirements are normally being asked from loan applicants to verify their identity as well as ensure their paying capability, and are normally not used to perform background credit checks — as most applicants are given a fair chance to have their loan applications approved even despite their ongoing bad credit situations.

But while securing loans are now easier more than ever before, borrowers are strongly advised to carefully evaluate their actual need for loans, as well as the actual amount that they need to borrow from the lending firms, lest they have to pay for far more than what their situation actually necessitates, and end up having to pay for much more than what is actually needed.


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