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Consolidation Loans

Dealing with multiple debts can be a struggle. It can be difficult paying them off especially when you have to divide your money among several different credit cards and loans. To help make your debt payments easier, you may want to consider a debt consolidation loan.

A debt consolidation loan allows you to combine all your debts into a single loan with a much lower interest rate, leaving you with only one monthly payment. You can benefit from this loan when your existing loans have high interest rates. Other ways to consolidate debts include transferring the debt to a zero or low-interest credit card, applying for a home equity loan, or paying back your debt through a debt repayment plan.

Combining your debts helps you lower your monthly payment and makes it easier for you to afford your monthly bills. There are different types of loans you can use to consolidate your debt.

One way to consolidate your debts is through a home equity loan, which is a loan that utilizes the equity in your home as collateral. To be eligible for this loan, you must have a fair amount of equity in your home and good credit. The interest rates may be lower than other types of loans, but your home is now on the line for your debt. If you fail to make payments, you face foreclosure on your home.

You may also opt for credit card balance transfers, where you transfer your credit card balances onto a single credit card, ideally with a zero or low-interest rate. Low balance transfer interest rates are promotional rates that usually expire after a minimum of six months.

If you choose this type of consolidation solution, make sure you know when the low rate will expire. Know when the regular interest rate that will take effect for the remaining balance. If you want to use a credit card balance transfer as a consolidation loan, you will need a credit card with a credit limit that is large enough to hold all your credit card debt.

However, putting too much debt on one credit card could have a negative impact on your credit score as your credit utilization goes up. The good news is that your credit score will rebound as you pay down the balance.

Personal loans can also help you consolidate your debts if you can borrow a loan large enough to cover all your balances. This sort of loan is an unsecured loan that has fixed payments over a fixed period.

Getting a personal loan approval greatly depends on your credit rating. If you have a poor or bad credit score, you may get an approval, but at a higher rate of interest. In some cases, the borrower cannot get a loan approval at all. Taking a high interest rate personal loan would let you combine your debts, but you may not save money.

There are also debt consolidation loans offered by banks and credit unions for the sole purpose of combining your debts. Debt consolidation loans may vary, so it is important that you choose wisely. These loans have a lower interest rate than the rates you are currently paying for your existing debts.

By increasing the repayment period or the loan term, you can achieve the lower monthly payment. This could mean that you pay more interest overall because of the longer repayment timeline.

Understand that with any type of debt consolidation loan, you are not really getting rid of your debt. Instead, you are simply shuffling it around so that it becomes easier to pay. At some point, you may feel like you have less debt and may be tempted to borrow more. Practice discipline and avoid borrowing until after your debt consolidation loan is completely settled.

Consolidation Loan for Bad Credit

If you are struggling with debt as most people are, you may be looking for a solution to pay off your debts and get back on track financially. Debt consolidation loans for people with bad credit are one the most viable solution to get out of your financial misery. However, you may be wondering where to look if you’ve been turned down by your bank or credit union.

Do not lose hope because there are choices for you regardless of your credit history and financial situation. The more you understand the differences between many debt relief options, the more likely you are to make a smart decision and get on the road to financial freedom.

Many people looking for debt consolidation loans with bad credit profiles usually contact their bank or credit union first. It may be a sensible thing to do business with an institution that you already know and trust, but you may be disappointed if your bank or credit union will turn down your loan application. Banks and credit unions offer a variety of traditional loans and other products, but they usually do not provide debt consolidation loans for people with bad credit.

Banks and credit unions often use a risk-based pricing model, which means that the bigger the risk they think you are in terms of repaying the loan, the higher the interest rate they will charge you. Even if you get a loan approved, you could end up paying more in interest and fees than someone with better credit.

Therefore, if you are approved for a loan at a high interest rate, or you are denied a loan because of your credit, keep in mind that there are plenty of other options for debt consolidation loans for bad credit. Just keep doing your research and contact other lenders and debt relief companies before signing any paperwork.

Consolidation Loan with Guarantor

There are different financial institutions to get a financial assistance, but not all of them deal with your bad credit. In most cases, neither banks nor credit unions will give you a debt consolidation loan, if you have bad payment history and your outstanding debt is too high. One alternative for you is to get a guarantor or co-signer for your loan.

Guarantor loans are the most affordable type of loan for those with a poor credit rating. Representative APRs of loans with a guarantor are currently ranging from 39.9% to 45.9%. However, they are also difficult to qualify for because you need to find a guarantor with a good credit rating and because of the risk involved. It’s not easy to find a guarantor who is willing to pledge responsibility to pay your loan if you fail to pay it yourself.

Guarantor loans are the cheapest option for debt consolidation, so there is no excuse you cannot keep up with the payments. It is a chance for you to pay off your debt easily. By using this loan to consolidate debt and making the regular repayments, you may be able to improve your credit score gradually. Prove that you have the financial ability to repay loans and other bills on time.

Consolidation Loan Direct Lender

Choosing a lender for a loan can be a bit challenging if you want to get the best deals. If you want to compare multiple lenders at once, you may contact a broker to assist you. However, there might be some extra fees involved. You’ll also have to wait for the lender’s response.

On the other hand, if you want to make the search by yourself, you may approach direct lenders. This way, you can get a response right away. In case you’ll be turned down or if the interest is too high for you and the terms do not suit your financial situation, you can look elsewhere right away. Just be mindful to get a soft inquiry instead of the hard inquiry, so that your credit record will not be affected.

Instant Consolidation Loan

Many lenders in the UK have already taken advantage of technology and online banking. Online banking services of these lenders provide the ultimate convenience needed by consumers. These lenders work outside office and banking hours. As a borrower, you don’t need to fill out lengthy forms and prepare many documents to get a loan approval.

With online lenders, you can process your loan application remotely at any time. It will only take you minutes to apply and get an instant feedback. Once you get an approval, the funds you requested will be transferred into your bank account within hours. These loans are called instant loans or quick or fast cash. Others use the term same day loans because you could literally get the funds within the day.

Consolidation Loan with No Guarantor

If you cannot find someone to co-sign your loan, you’ll find many other private lenders offering consolidation loans. These lenders focus on offering debt consolidation loans for people with bad credit, as well as those with average or better credit profiles.

Debt consolidation loans with no guarantor typically use a risk-based pricing model similar to banks and credit unions, so the interest rate you pay is based on your credit rating and ability to pay back the loan. As a result, the interest rate will be higher than that of a loan with a guarantor and a loan for people with good credit score.

The good lender will offer you several different debt consolidation loans for bad credit profiles. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach because each person or borrower has a unique financial situation. Take your time to compare and think about the impact of the loan you will be taking to your monthly expenses.

Majority of debt consolidation loans are only available to homeowners, but there are other loan options that could help you save you money if you do not own a property. If you decide to get a consolidation loan without a guarantor, make sure the lender will show you multiple options, and that you understand how each works, how much you’ll pay every month, your interest rate and if there are any fees involved, and how quickly you can pay off the loan.

Consolidation Loans in the UK

Debt consolidation loans in the UK are very similar in comparison with loans in other countries. You can obtain these loans by using the equity in your property as collateral to secure the amount of money you will borrow. This money is used to end your more expensive high-interest debt. Moreover, these loans are most often used to combine financial obligation from credit cards, personal loans, and other unsecured credit instruments.

One of the more favourable characteristics of debt consolidation loans is that they are quite easy to get, even with credit that is not so impressive. You may get an unsecured loan if you are not a homeowner. Another common way to get a lower interest rate on a loan is to add a co-signer who will also be responsible for the loan if ever you are not able to make payments anymore.

You can get these loans from banks and credit union if you have a clean credit history. Otherwise, you may approach private lenders who are specifically catering to people with bad credit. There are also many online lenders in the UK offering instant loans or fast cash for debt consolidation.

The amount you can borrow, however, varies according to the lender. Same goes for the interest rate and the loan term. These factors may differ according to your personal circumstances and the lender’s policies and requirements.

Factual Tips

To find the right loan for your needs, work out how much you need to borrow. Add up all the debts that you would like to consolidate and include any extra charges you have to pay them. Decide how long you need to pay it back and look for the lowest interest rate, if possible.

Remember that a consolidation loan is supposed to help you pay off your debts easily and quickly. You have other obligations and concerns in your life besides settling your debt. If your chosen debt consolidation loan becomes a burden instead of making your life easier, you better get another creditor.

Finding Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit

In this day and age, finding consolidation loans for bad credit should no longer pose any difficulties for borrowers despite their bad credit circumstances. With the continuing proliferation of innovative new loan services, thanks to the incessant evolution of the lending industry as well as the latest developments in technology, borrowers with poor credit may now easily find consolidation loans for bad credit. This, however, wasn’t always the situation. Due to the rising demands for loans, as well as the subsequent rise in the number of unpaid loan accounts, traditional lending firms and institutions have decided to come up with resolutions that would help address such situations, even in the long term. Because of this, a credit scoring system was designed and created to work towards these ends.

Through this credit scoring system, borrowers were easily classified according to their financial capabilities as well as other standards set by the lending firms. Borrowers whom the lending firms saw as likely to be incapable of paying off their loans in the future were easily separated from the borrowers whom they believed to be likely financially capable of paying off their loans without any problem. Under this credit scoring system, borrowers who failed to make their payments — regardless of whether they have done so frequently or repeatedly — automatically had records that indicated their bad payment histories. Individuals and other borrowers whose income levels do not meet what the lending firms have decided as the acceptable minimum were automatically given poor credit scores.

As a result, borrowers with poor credit scores and bad payment histories were automatically disqualified from acquiring loans from any of the legitimate lending firms and institutions. Because of this, borrowers who found themselves in urgent financial situations were left with very few and often impractical options when it comes to addressing their ongoing financial conditions. Although some borrowers resort to borrowing from family or selling of their personal properties for them to raise money, a lot of borrowers settled with procuring loans from underground lending firms. And while this option does provide borrowers with temporary financial relief, the long term consequences that come with these kinds of loan choices leave many borrowers in even worse financial circumstances. Due to the inherently high interest rates of underground loan options, a lot of borrowers were trapped in a cycle of difficult financial conditions later on.

Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit and Guaranteed Debt Consolidation Loans

With the influx of borrowers with bad credit who found themselves in similar cycles of difficult financial circumstances, a new market composed completely of borrowers with poor credit was inevitably created. And as demands for safer, more affordable, and more flexible loan services continued to increase in this newly developed market, lending firms and institutions have later on decided to come up with innovative new loan solutions.

Through innovative new loan services such as consolidation loans for bad credit and guaranteed debt consolidation loans, borrowers now have much better loan options to rely on in addressing their ongoing financial conditions. With consolidation loans for bad credit and guaranteed debt consolidations loans, borrowers may now easily address chaotic financial conditions by availing of one huge loan resolution to address all their ongoing financial conditions.

Consolidation loans for bad credit and guaranteed debt consolidation loans allow borrowers with bad credit to basically combine all their debts into one loan, which is easily payable over a much longer payment term. And unlike application procedures that are typical of the conventional loans of traditional lending firms and institutions, applications for consolidation loans for bad credit and guaranteed debt consolidation loans entail much simpler processes.

How to Get Debt Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit

Through innovative new financial solutions like debt consolidation loans for bad credit, borrowers now have much faster access to better loan services. With innovative features of new loan services like debt consolidation loans for bad credit, borrowers may now easily submit their loan applications even from the comfort of their very own homes. Because everything can now be done entirely online, borrowers now have the choice to submit their applications from anywhere, anytime.

And since loan applications can now be easily accomplished entirely using the internet, these are now processed immediately after they are submitted. Because of this, approvals of applications for debt consolidation loans for bad credit, as well as other similar innovative new loan services, can now be accomplished in as early as just minutes after the applications have been processed. The release of funds for approved debt consolidation loans for bad credit, on the other hand, can now be completed within just hours after the loan applications themselves were submitted.

Because of these highly advantageous features of innovative new financial services like debt consolidation loans for bad credit, these loan services may be considered good alternatives in addressing urgent financial circumstances. While most innovative new loan solutions are just small loans that are generally to be repaid over short payment terms, these loan conditions do not make good options in addressing complex financial situations. In addressing financial conditions that require loans in higher amounts and longer payment terms, borrowers may opt to acquire secured loan options like debt consolidation loans for bad credit, which allows bigger loans in far much longer payment terms.

Getting Direct Lender Consolidation Loans for Poor Credit

Many borrowers tend to believe that because acquiring loans from the lenders directly do not involve paying for loan brokers’ fees, it only follows that they provide more benefits. A lot of these borrowers fail to realise, however, that since loan brokers have to maintain their connections with all the different lending firms in different regions, they necessarily have comprehensive access to all these lenders’ many different discounted lending services. Due to this, borrowers who opt to acquire loans through the services of loan brokering firms actually have more access to a lot more savings and far more benefits in the long term, especially because they are provided with the best loan solutions according to their unique financial situations.